We - Amy and Paul - are documentary photographers, videographers, and activists, who founded Moving Animals in 2018. Since then, we’ve been witnessing, documenting, and archiving practices within animal industries around the world.

Prior to starting Moving Animals, we worked at PETA UK (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), where we saw first-hand the impact that photos and footage has on raising awareness of animal rights. We spent much of 2018/19 in Asia, documenting animals used for food and entertainment, with our work being featured by The Guardian, The Independent, UNILAD, PETA, Responsible Travel, and many more.


Our mission

Moving Animals is a photojournalism project that shines a light on animal industries around the world. From slaughterhouses, to zoos, we work on the ground to witness, document and tell the stories that would otherwise remain silent.

The project revolves around ensuring that our visual content is covered in some of the most engaged-with and far-reaching platforms, to help raise awareness and drive social change. We combine storytelling, journalism, photography, and film, to reach millions of people across the globe, helping to inspire and create change for animals.

We hope that every view our visuals receive, holds the promise to make the world a kinder place for animals, one person at a time.

 In Goa, it is a common (and wonderful) sight to see herds of cows wander down to the sandy beaches each day, so that they can rest and enjoy in the sun.  Goa, India, 2018
 One of the main tourist spots in North India, the town of Varanasi features incredibly crowded and narrow streets, where hundreds of street animals must coexist with the busy footfall and traffic. Many of these street animals suffer from malnutrition, disease and horrific injuries.  Varanasi, India, 2018