The Amazon Rainforest is burning as you read this - environmental organisations and researchers say these blazing wildfires were set deliberately by cattle ranchers to clear the land for animal agriculture.


Raising cattle to produce beef is the largest driver of deforestation in every Amazon country, accounting for 80% of the current deforestation.

Beef is one of the most destructive foods for our planet - and claims the lives of millions of cows every year. Just this month the UN declared that we must move away from consuming beef and instead adopt more plant-based diets if we are to fight climate catastrophe.

It’s clear more than ever that institutions must act now. To demand change, we’re calling on universities across the UK to lead the way and #BanBeef in order to fight climate catastrophe and the deforestation of our planet. Both Cambridge and Goldsmith’s have already stopped the sale of beef - now the rest must follow.

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