Tell Travel Companies to Stop Promoting Cruel Civet Coffee Trade

Across Asia, caged wild civets are being kept in appalling conditions to produce the world’s most expensive coffee - "kopi luwak".

The infamous coffee - also known as "cat poop coffee" - is made from coffee beans excreted by civet cats. Campaigners and animal lovers have long condemned the trade for taking civets from their forest homes and forcing them to live a life of captivity, where they suffer from depression and "zoochosis". 

While documenting in Vietnam, we investigated the cruel trade and discovered another disturbing dimension to the industry: unable to cope with captivity, these civets are driven to self-mutilate, and chew their tails down to the near-bone in anxiety and boredom. 


The horrific visuals show caged civet cats with painful, raw tails - all so that consumers can have coffee produced from these cats' faeces. Travel companies, including Viator and Expedia, continue to profit from this suffering, with civet coffee tours a popular tourist trend across Asia.

This cruelty must stop now - and so, we’re calling on Expedia and Viator to stop promoting this unnecessary trade that causes civet cats to suffer in agony.


Please help us to continue our work for animals. Your support will help us to continue documenting the stories of those that are usually forced to stay silent.