Elephant Processions In India

Elephants used in processions often undergo exhausting “training” in order to perform unnatural behaviours. This particular procession that we documented, saw elephants trained for over two months under the constant threat of sharp bullhooks, so that that they could carry heavy weights on their backs along a parade route.


Undercover Footage Makes Breaking News

We documented an elephant who was training to take part in an iconic cultural procession in India. The elephant was swaying repetitively, which is a clear sign of psychological anguish.

Research revealed that organisations across India had already spoken out against the cruelty to elephants involved in this festival procession. During the training, 12 elephants are forced to carry heavy weights whilst walking along roads busy with traffic and crowds. They undergo up to two months of “rigorous training” that often causes their feet to wear out. The festival attracts over 400,000 people annually, with many of them tourists. After the festival, these elephants are returned to where they’re forced to give rides or perform other forestry duties.

Our footage and research was published as breaking news in the MailOnline - the most visited English-language newspaper website in the world - receiving over 1,800 shares, all urging tourists not to support the event.

PETA India subsequently released a blog post about the video, and posted the video across their channels, helping to spread awareness to an Indian audience.

All of our footage, including the clips above, are free-to-use for anyone using them to help animal rights.