Raising Awareness with PETA

Over the last year, we have visited small and large scale fish markets, and fish drying farms - a place where fish are left out to dry in the sun, in order to make their flesh more suitable for fish paste.

Live animals are a frequent aspect of fish markets: we saw fishing nets bulging with live crabs and fish on ice taking their last breath. The mass of fish can be overwhelming, too - at just one of the markets, thousands of freshly-caught marine life line the vendors stalls, only to be replenished all over again the very next day.

We created a video for PETA which showed some of the suffering that fish and crustaceans endure as part of the food industry, which was viewed by over 70,000 people.

The video was later translated into dutch by PETA Netherlands and into french by PETA France. The video was also published by advocacy group Let Fish Live.

Some of our images from these markets have been used by Veganuary, who published a blog post about the devastating effect that the fishing industry has on the ocean.

All of our footage, including the clips above, are free-to-use for anyone using them to help animal rights.