Battery-Farmed Egg Industry, India

All around the world, animals are intensively raised for meat, eggs, and dairy. India is the fastest growing egg producer in the world, with three billion eggs being produced per year, and that number is expected to rise rapidly. Chickens used for their eggs often spend their whole lives crammed into tiny cages, with no space to even spread their wings.

Raising Awareness with Social Media Platform, The Logical Indian.

We visited and filmed an intensive egg farm in South India, where over 300,000 chickens were crammed into cages. It was like being in an industrial factory, where everything was shiny and metallic, with a constant hum of the conveyor belt which distributed the eggs to the packing factory. But inside these metal cages were the chickens - up to eight in a single cage. They did not even have enough space to spread their wings.

These animals are barely protected by law and they will spend their whole lives in these cages until their egg production begins to wane, which is when they will likely be sent to the abattoir to have their throats slit. Some didn’t even make it that far - we witnessed chickens that had been crushed to death inside the cages due to the sheer overcrowding.

We used this footage to produce a video about the cruelty behind the egg industry, and launched the video with topical news platform, The Logical Indian, which was viewed by over 370,000 people.

It triggered conversations about the cruelty behind eating eggs in general, with many claiming they would no longer be supporting the industry - a true testament to the power of social media, and of images and footage, to inspire positive change.

All of our footage, including the clips above, are free-to-use for anyone using them to help animal rights.