Monkey Selfies in Tourism

Monkeys used as part of the tourist industry are often taken from the wild as babies and forced to take selfies or perform tricks for tourists. When they’re not being used to perform, they’re often kept chained in small barren cages or outside on short chains.

Spreading Awareness With Viral Video Platform, UNILAD

Whilst travelling in Sri Lanka, we witnessed and filmed tourists paying for monkeys to perform tricks and take part in “selfies”. Behind the ‘cute’ backflips and ‘funny’ kisses is a dark side, as these monkeys are often beaten into learning these unnatural behaviours.

In India, we visited an incredible sanctuary called Help in Suffering; many of the monkeys that they rescue and rehabilitate are from the tourism industry. One of these rescue monkeys had both arms cut off by his owner - the sanctuary suspect that it was to encourage sympathy and money from tourists.

We combined our footage from Sri Lanka and India to help show the dark truth behind monkey tourism. We launched the video with viral social media platform UNILAD, where it received over 750,000 views, helping to raise awareness about the abuse and mutilation prevalent in the industry.

All of our footage, including the clips above, are free-to-use for anyone using them to help animal rights.