Dairy Investigation, Sri Lanka

Western corporations are pumping huge sums of money into expanding Sri Lanka’s industrial dairy sector, despite experts warning that the global meat and dairy consumption must halve by 2050 to avoid climate change. This growing dairy industry is causing millions of animals to suffer in deplorable, industrialised conditions, and the cruel irony is that Sri Lanka is one of the top two countries that will suffer most from climate-change-induced flooding.

The Independent News Site

During our time in Sri Lanka we documented and researched the cruelty and eco-damaging effect of the expanding dairy sector - an industry that is developing rapidly due to investment from Western food and agricultural corporations. We witnessed pregnant cows chained by their necks, a goat suffering from a bloody and untreated head injury, and young calves left alone in empty, metal cages. It was heartbreaking to leave them behind.

Our hard-hitting investigation and images were published in one of the UK’s top news sites, The Independent, reported by journalist Jane Dalton. The article shone a light on a topic not often talked about in mainstream media, showing how the dairy industry not only contributes to animal suffering, but also negatively impacts the environment, local communities, and climate change, too. The article was shared by over 2,400 people and received press coverage in Sri Lanka.


Plant Based News

Vegan news site, Plant Based News, subsequently reported on the article too, and produced an accompanying video using our extended footage. This was shared across their social media channels, and brought a more detailed focus on how animals suffer on these dairy farms.

Read the blog post here.

All of our footage, including those above, are free-to-use for anyone using them to help animal rights.