Donkey Clinic & Education Centre, Sri Lanka

The town of Mannar in Sri Lanka is home to over 1000 feral donkeys, who must roam the busy streets in search of food and water. The country’s first ever Donkey Clinic now hopes to help them by treating those in urgent need of medical care and relocating others to safer areas.

Life Changing Videos

Mannar’s unusual problem arose when the town was evacuated during the long civil war - the working donkeys were left behind, and bred many new generations of feral and ownerless donkeys.

The country’s first Donkey Clinic & Education Centre opened in 2018 to help, and their hope is to eventually relocate every donkey to a safe new home.

We spent two days filming at the Centre - with our footage capturing how these donkeys are now living happily in a safe space with access to food, water and medical treatment. We also filmed those not so lucky - those outside the centre, still on the streets of Mannar - where we witnessed injured, frail donkeys narrowly dodging oncoming traffic, and a mourning mother standing over her dead baby calf.

Vegan viral-media channels Life Changing Videos and Challenge 22+ shared our video telling the story of Sri Lanka’s amazing donkey clinic and the horrible suffering of the island’s feral stray donkeys, complete with a message to show compassion to all animals (we included a montage of animals used in the food industry to give a more vegan message) - receiving over 130,000 views and raising awareness for a charity that is desperately seeking international volunteers.

All of our footage, including the clips above, are free-to-use for anyone using them to help animal rights..