By raising awareness of animal suffering, we can encourage people to move away from practises that abuse animals for profit.

Already, our photographs and footage have been featured by some of the most prominent news platforms, animal charities, and social media channels – allowing millions of people to hear the stories of those that are often left untold. 

Your support will help us to continue documenting the stories of those that are usually forced to stay silent. Thank you.

As the project continues to grow at a rapid pace, so do our fees. Our major expenses are:

The shoots:
- Undercover investigations
- In-country transportation to the shoot location
- Location fees

Upkeep of the project:
- Website fees
- Editing software
- Equipment repairs

This all adds up so quickly, so this is where we need your help. Even giving just a small amount will enable us to plan ahead, ensure that we are continuously documenting animal abuse around the world, and reach millions of people.

A kinder world is possible because thousands of people, including you, are passionate about protecting animals. Thank you.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how you can support Moving Animals, feel free to get in touch.